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Kraft Paper Backpacks

Exeptional backpacks for everyday useExplore
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Find the uniqueness you have been looking for

Kraft Paper BackpacksExplore
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Don't just carry it, fill it with your personality and wear it

Paperbourne backpacks are uniquely made of water-resistant kraft paper.

Whether it’s a trip or an adventure, from now on you don’t have to give up your style because of the practicality of a backpack.

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Kraft paper - natural and modern

Purely natural - our bags are chemical and coating free.

The kraft paper is made of cellulose, which is made from carved soft wood.

Long microfibers ensure paper strength and water resistance.

The wood pulp is mixed with natural latex, which is responsible for the flexibility of the kraft paper backpacks.

It is known as vegan leather because it looks and feels like traditional leather.

Inimitable kraft paper

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It is ultra-light, yet very robust and tear-resistant.

You don't have to be afraid of the rain. Everything in the bag stays dry. Raindrops leave no trace and the material of the backpack also dries quickly.

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No two paperbourne backpacks are exactly the same. Each product is unique and different due to the special properties of the kraft paper.

Kraft paper has high tensile strength and high abrasion resistance.

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We Care

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Modern and environmentally conscious

We founded Paperbourne with the aim of creating special yet excellent products from natural materials.

Our backpacks are free of animal-derived ingredients and can be recycled. Kraft paper is not only excellent but natural and renewable.


The kraft paper we use is manufactured under the most rigorous international standard for responsible forestry.


We pay special attention to ensure that all our products are biodegradable or recyclable and environmentally friendly.

All of our products are free of bisphenol A (BPA).

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About Us

We offer a solution for environmentally conscious young people looking for uniqueness, who think of their backpacks not only as simple objects to use but find it important to fill their style with their personality.

That’s why we make special backpacks out of kraft paper that you shouldn’t only carry but wear.

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